Privacy Policy

Chwego privacy policy

This contract shows our policy on the information we gather and use of our users in relation to the use of our services, those offered via our website, phone or email.

With us, our, with and sometimes in case of necessity given the possibility of use of both websites on our privacy policy, they refer to Chwego S.r.l., an Italian company with registered office in Rome.

Using our policy the user consents to the use of his personal data in order to gather and use it on our end according to how it’s described on the following personal information contract.

Even though this policy could be translated in various languages the relationship with Chwego users is better described in the original Italian version and in case of discrepancies the most valid contract will be the original Italian version, which you can visit on our website choosing the Italian language or through a request to our customer support.

Personal data treatment

All of the users’ information in relation to their use on our website including those sent or used on the latter can be gathered, transmitted or kept to improve the function of our services, its quality, the satisfaction of the user’s requests, analytics and monitoring, feedback, customizing the user’s experience, to marketize the service, assist our clients also through messages, saving backups, improve the security of the service and fulfill legal obligations.   

Accounts on Chwego

Once created, every personal information on a Chwego account provided during the registration process will be saved and used, on the user’s profile name and picture or any other content that comes from it, which includes comments or other, will be shown. We could save users’ preferences. Only a few details of one’s account can be edited after signin up.

Public content

The content created by the user contributes to the improvement of our service and they’re public fruition, therefore can be seen by the other users ( pictures, ratings, posts in Chwego’s blog).

Communicating with Chwego

Using the functionalities on our website or creating an account, you consent receiving messages from other users, third parties and Chwego. We could monitor the behavior in response to communications received by Chwego or through the service. Exchanging messages with other users through you consent that these can be kept, processed, delivered, even in favor of the final user in order to reach the improvement of our service. Any communication can be moderated for questionable content ( spam, fraudulent requests or paid reviews). Regarding our communication through calls or SMS you consent to the saving of phone numbers, carriers, date, time and any other information given to us through any other means of communication. As the user can contact us, we can contact the user and we could monitor or register the communications to improve our services. 

Economic transactions

Any information provided by the user for the reservation can be kept in order to make future transactions easier and sometimes it could be shared with third parties. During the payment phase the information will be encrypted and treated in a secure manner. While we could show publicly, once a client used our service, their opinions regarding the lived experience.

User activities

All of the users’ activities and the time at which they’re made can be archived, such as reservations, searches, purchases on Chwego. 

All of the concepts expressed on our website, are valid in the same way on computers or mobile devices alike in every form including those of geotracking and GPS when activated.

Our website accessibility

Anyone can access our website through any devices, mobile or not, or through browser app. All of the users’ public contributions will be visible through both mobile devices and not.

Professional information

Anybody that uses our website as a partner must know that the vast majority of the information that they themselves insert can be publicly used in order to improve the whole service and therefore the ease the use of our website for both customer and businessman. Any information that you provide us will be treated as described above. Obviously to be on our website you sometimes need professional certificates such as patents (only when relevant to the activity).

Treatment of personal information

The inserted information will be gathered only after the signin of this privacy policy contract which gives us permission as just said of gathering the information, all of this to safeguard the privacy and rights of every single user in terms of protection of personal data. Unfortunately sometimes we will have to gather information such as reservations, for security purposes or due to laws in various states. When the customer uses or access varies functionalities on our website, they automatically accept the privacy policy norms written in this contract.   


Our website gathers cookies, these can contain unique identifiers, they can be present on computers or mobile devices. Cookies can transmit information about the user and their use of the service. They can both be permanent or archived during a single session only. Our cookies have capabilities such as processing, authentication and security, preferences, notifications, advertising and analytics. We need them to better the function of the service, we could for instance check if a client already has an account, we need them to prevent fraud, protect the user’s data and to respect legal requirements, we need them to remind us about the functionalities and aspects of the service and the user needs them to allow or disable receiving notification to improve our service, we need them to get more relevant adverts and we also need them to help us understand how our website services are used by visitors. The user can edit their cookies preferences, but they’re aware that this can be harmful to the service functionalities, this can usually be done from the browser preferences.   

Relationship with third parties

The user’s information could be received by third parties, such as services providers, insersionists, partners, generic or anonymous information, sales of assets, links, legal controls and communications, activities present on Chwego, integration with third parties. We allow use of cookies thought services in order to gather the same type of information as that gathered by Chwego and for the same goal. We can’t guarantee our access on cookies used by them. It could be possible to deny said authorization contacting the third parties themselves, but this doesn’t guarantee that said ad will be blocked or not shown to the user. All of the information relative to the public mentioned above can be viewed and used by third parties. We could share information provided by the user or related to him to third parties so that they can fulfill the user’s requests directly. We provide information given or related to the user with our main companies, subordinates or we can give them to other companies and we ask the people mentioned above to respect this form. We could verify and eventually share user data, or data related to him, if for legal reasons we have to ( search warrants, legal measures, legal process, subpoenas or other reasons such as law). In order to prevent, be sure or discover anything illegal, or to safeguard our rights, our reputation, our properties, our affiliated companies or our users’ properties. If a user has any complaints on Chwego and reports specific content, we can share said complaint with its author, giving them a chance to reply. Our website could contain links that redirect to third party websites, such as those who direct to the selected activity website. Chwego denies any responsability in terms of privacy with eventual information shared by said third parties. If a user logs in or signs up on Chwego through social platforms (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc…) we can receive information about the user from these platforms. In the case of a user interacting with companies present on Chwego choosing to share his data (personal data sent to a certain company) said company shall receive any information the user decides to share

Account closure and stored data

One’s account can be deleted only after communicating it to our customer support, which will do so quickly. Any post or anything related to the account will be deleted and separated from the deleted account owner’s personal data which will be stored within the limits of the law, therefore it can be stored in our backups.

Use and consumption by minors

The use of our website by minors (<18 years for Italy) is allowed only with the authorization of their parents.


We use advanced security measures to protect our users’ data, although this doesn’t exclude every case of breach and we can’t guarantee absolute security, we will put our best efforts in protecting said data.

Contacting Chwego

Any user can contact us via the customer support “contact us” function, or at our email For security reasons we shall verify the user’s identity before proceeding to apply any change on the website.

Changes to the policy

Chwego has the right to change this contract to more updated versions, any change will be notified to our website users in the same day we edited the policy, therefore making it effective immediately. To continue to use our website after said changes are applied, the user accepts the updated policy.


Chwego Srl  is a limited liability company built and domiciled in Italy and follows the Italian Republic laws.

You can find the original Privacy Polici here