Eisbach Wave Claimed


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The Eisbach river is an artificial river that flows in the city center of munich, more precisely in the English park. Eisbach in German means “stream of ice” precisely because the river is known to be particularly cold. And although cold, this river is loved by a category of sportsmen: surfers, who in a certain point just after a small bridge ride a static wave which is therefore perfect for experienced surfers but not very safe as what given the minimum depth of the seabed and how narrow the river bed is. At this point the surfers put on a show at any time of the year obviously with a full wetsuit due to the low temperatures, in this river there is a bathing ban which during the summer period becomes completely relative being the place where the Bavarians do the swimming in the less agitated part of the river in summer.


Q Is it safe to surf?

No, you must be an expert.

Q Is free to see?

Sure, is inside a pubblic garden.